Vignai da Duline

Vignai da Duline is a husband and wife team producing incredibly small quantities of wine from old vines. When I say small quantities most people don’t realize how small: 400 cases of pinot grigio, 250 of Tocai, 150 of Refosco, 200 cases of chardonnay, etc…. Many producers, certainly distributors, and even some consumers would ask “why bother?” Duline work biodynamically in their vineyards. They do this both as a choice for their vineyards but also as a lifestyle choice. There was a time when we were all tied much more closely to the land and Duline has chosen that their lives will be tied not just to the production of wine but as stewards of their vineyards.

Often I am asked if organic wine is better than those produced with fertelizers and pesticides. The answer is I don’t know. I have had some very good wines made with the help of modern chemicals. I have also had some very bad organic wines. What I can say though is that tending to the vineyards in an organic or biodynamic manner means spending more time in the vineyards, if the grapes are to be of great quality at harvest time. Most bad wine I have had is the result of poor vineyard care, so in my mind anything that requires vineyard workers to spend more time with the plants is a good thing.

But beyond philosphy for Duline I believe there is emotion and soul in their wines. Probably when you spend an entire year pouring your life into the care of raw material you see that energy born out in the expression of the wine. It is the difference between a good singer and a great singer, a fair R & B artist and Mary J Blige, someone who paints well and a great master who tells a story in fantastic detail such as Memling, the operatic singer and a great tenor such as Bjorling who not only mouths the words but conveys pain and joy through every movement in his voice, hands, and face. Duline pours all of themselves into each bottle.

I hope you enjoy the video they made discussing their love of wine and how it brought them to this special relationship with their land.

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